Pensioners Loan

M.Lhuillier is a regulated privately-owned Philippine company, supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

1. One (1) Valid I.D (government-issued) with picture and signature
2. Proof of Billing statement of his/her recent utility statements
3. Barangay Certificate Latest Bank statement or certificate of entitlement
4. ATM Card (pensioner's name) & PIN Number
5. Pensioner must not be more than 75 years old

Terms & Conditions
1. Term of loan is three (3) months
2. Maximum loan amount is twice (2x) the monthly pension
3. Monthly interest rate is three percent (3%)
4. Service charge is one percent (1%) of the loan amount
5. Penalty charge is two percent (2%) of the principal amount if past due
6. Payment is made on a monthly basis
7. Maximum amount can be up to Php80,000.00*
* may exceed this limit, with special approval

1. Online via the ML Wallet App or at
2. Over-the-counter at any ML Branch Nationwide